BidWin deploys a proprietary transaction platform built on open source Google Golang that runs on AWS cloud. It uses machine learning along with TrafficCop, our proprietary technology, to supercharge auction response.

BidWinContent brings the power of artificial intelligence to content creation for publishers, marketers, influencers, bloggers and editors. Result: Increased productivity and more availabilities from recommended content means more revenue.

Our next generation content creator has two purposes: augmenting content creation and developing recommended content.

To aid the creation of content, we search the web for defined material based on IAB taxonomy, then intelligently write summaries that can form the well-sourced basis for a derivative story or spark for an original story. An editing workspace is provided for refinement. The result is the best of both worlds, an automated support system matched with human inspiration. Once ready, our workflow allows for quick social media posting.

To develop recommended content, we apply our advanced IAB Taxonomy to existing content, which then finds and generates recommended content that adds new availabilities for publishers and new audience targeting tools for advertisers.


BidWinBidder is the most cost efficient bidder technology available. Seamless implementation via Ad-Tag or Server-to-Server integration provides advertisers what they want; transparency, flexibility and increased control.

Offering advertisers these benefits turns a publisher into a preferred supplier.

Internal benefits include:

  • Log-level data access for the best audience segmentation
  • On-the-fly creation of APIs for easy connections
  • Ability to establish QPS limits for better control


True Transparency

BidWin reporting provides a window into the real-time bidding process giving you the opportunity to gain more value. We work with our partners to identify true keys to success and to adjust strategies accordingly.


Buy and Sell with Purpose

Gone are the days of blindly buying bulk impressions. With BidWin you start by setting a dynamic floor price and allocating inventory then benefit from transactional data flowing through our exchanges.

These data provide the basis for accurate and effective audience targeting by device, day-part or geo.

Today’s programmatic advertising space has built walls of limitation. BidWin is all about dropping limitations by returning control and flexibility to publishers, the content owners.

BidWin offers…

  • Multiple monetizing opportunities for content – display, mobile in-app and video
  • Multiple revenue channels – header bidding and RTB
  • Multiple self-serve connections – API, Ad Tag or SDK
  • Robust reporting for transparency
  • Backward compatible to legacy systems
  • Modular structure allows for customization and scalability
  • Low transaction fees
  • Global development/support teams

BidWin’s publisher-side exchanges offer a level of transparency not available from mega-exchanges, versions that are optimized for key verticals – content creators and China – and all are built on the latest technologies to deliver high-end efficiency.