Consumers are Running Hot

Consumer Confidence Jan-17

Consumer Confidence is running even hotter than business confidence reported here last Monday.  For six of the last seven months confidence has been higher than the 13-month average of 104.8.  Sources:; Nat’l Bureau of Statistics, China

The Programmatic Agency of the Future

Programmatic Agency

Global president of Xaxis, Nicolas Bidon, has a lot to say about the future of programmatic buying and the company structure needed to execute well.

If he were starting the next great programmatic agency he’d build around three elements…

  • A great coder because it’s all about the code
  • A machine learning expert who can make sense of the volume of data being generated.
  • A behavioral science expert who can make the connection between content and people and build creatives that communicate “the big idea.”

Bidon says, “Programmatic is about execution, it’s not about strategic planning and understanding human behaviors.”  Source: CampaignUS

Hollywood & China: Is You Is or Is You Ain’t?

China Media logo

China’s investor interest in Hollywood has been noted here before. Variety reported on a conference held in Israel where Li Ruigang, chairman of China Media Capital, which holds a position in DreamWorks Animation, argued to the contrary.  He said, “I’ve read some articles about China’s invasion into Hollywood, and I actually don’t think they’re true.  China is not ready to take a big stake in Hollywood. Money is important but money is not everything. If you want to have a successful investment or a successful acquisition, it requires a deep understanding of local culture and it requires more sophisticated execution.”

“We should be smart money, not dumb money,” Li added. “And if you look at the history, in the past there were so many rich guys trying to buy assets, trying to buy Hollywood. But… Hollywood is still Hollywood and the people just offer capital. So from China, I think we should be more reasonable, more cautious and smart.”

From the West, it appears that China is coming on strong while at least one Chinese investor is saying they are coming on, but with caution.  Source: Variety

Coupons for All

Ads IoT Future

An optimistic view of the acceptance of advertising via internet-of-things devices is expressed in a study by MARU/VRC&C.  The report says that 62% of US adults with at least one IoT device are willing to receive ads through them.  It remains to be seen if that is the case when the lights flicker a message about white teeth.  Of course, if you give people something free, they may be more willing to endure an ad.  According to this survey; coupons, extra features and games are on the wish list.  Source:  The Drum

Business is Looking Up

Business Confidence Feb-17

Business Confidence has been running well above its 13-month average for five consecutive months, which illustrates the generally positive mood as business looks forward in spite of the government’s fractional reduction of projected growth.  Sources: Trading Economics; National Bureau of Statistics, China

Opening the Audio Channel

Audio logos

We are always talking about programmatic buying in terms of cool mediums; digital, TV and mobile.  But that leaves Marshall McLuhan’s hot medium, audio, as a step child when it shouldn’t be.  Audio offers advertisers direct access to often narrow, defined audiences – ripe for targeting.  Music channels like Spotify and Pandora separate rockers from rappers from teens based on their choices while the thousands of podcasts draw specific audiences based on their focus.  All of which points to advertising’s ever-growing need to increase ROI by efficiently finding the right audience.  Source: Digiday

Still Positive After All These Months

Leading Economic Indicators - Dec-16

China’s economics for all of 2016 show ups and downs, but mostly ups. These government numbers are broadly supported by the private surveys from various sectors in the economy – business and consumer sentiment as well as manufacturing and non-manufacturing elements. Source: National Bureau of Statistics, China

Server-Side, Header Bidding Advantages

Server-Side header Bidding Advantages

Third-party experience with server-side header bidding suggests the following benefits:

  1. Server-side header bidding contributes to vastly improved user experience because latency issues are reduced substantially, pages build far quicker.
  2. By bringing bidding into the server, updates can be implemented without the need involve a client’s applications, which reduces technical foul-ups.
  3. Because the bidding is controlled on the server side, better user targeting is possible, which in turn yields more reliable statistics as well as quicker identification of issues for correction.
  4. Better stats mean more transparency, which yields more revenue.


Source: AdTech Daily

Reallocate Youth Ad Spending

Youth Market Ad Allocation

Research from the Rubicon Project suggests that brands reallocate their ad budgets to reflect the new reality, programmatic buying yields increased ROI.  The general recommendation is that 10% of an ad budget should be pushed through a programmatic pipe.  However, if that budget is aimed at the youth market, the combined digital and programmatic allocation should increase to 30%, half of which should be mobile.  Source: AdTech Daily

Non-Manufacturing Sector Remains Steady on the Positive Side

Non-Manufacturing - Jan-17

The Non-Manufacturer’s Index sits comfortably in the mid-50s, at the top of its 13-month range.  That’s good thing, especially because the Manufacturer’s Index has performed well since August of last year. With both sides of the coin operating in the positive, it appears the Chinese economy is doing well.  It is worth noting that these numbers are arrived at by a private survey of 1,200 businesses rather than other economic data that’s reported by the government – data that is often called into question.  Source: Trading Economics