BidWin leverages AI, enhanced taxonomy, and content recommendation to deliver creative solutions to our Publishing, Advertising, and Exchange partners within in-app environments.

In short, BidWin is here to grant advertisers access to our audience of over 1 million uniques across our 200K+ properties and to allow publishers to tap into the $90 billion in global ad spending annually.

Taxonomy Driven Content


BidWinContent is a next-gen content recommendation platform built on IAB taxonomy inspired tools that analyze topics and summarize information. It better segments your audience for advertisers who are increasingly looking to target users.


Replace traditional backfilled ad units with recommended content units that ties machine learning to IAB taxonomy categories. Bring the benefits of taxonomy-enabled bidder to more efficiently allocate budgets.


  • For publishers, BidWin can organize and package audience segments, then provide access to its secure programmatic exchange, which turns a passive collection module into a revenue-driving asset.
  • In addition, BidWin can apply its advanced IAB taxonomy to create recommended content designed to increase relevant inventory opportunities.
  • For advertisers, BidWin’s advanced IAB taxonomy, when applied to existing content or when used to recommend content, helps define the audience for accurate targeting.


Content is Money!

Own your audience!


Modern event venues – stadiums and arenas – offer WiFi for the convenience of their audiences. Rarely do they monetize that service by packaging the fan data and offering it to sponsors and advertisers as the premium audience it is.

BidWinWiFi opens the door for marketing teams to gather and use in-venue WiFi user data to…

  • Generate new ad revenue by retargeting your audience beyond-the-event to tap into the $90 billion in global advertising spend.
  • Use real-time marketing messages to promote sponsors and increase in-venue merchandise sales
  • Leverage data analytics to tailor your non-digital marketing strategies to fit your newly identified audience.

BidWin will organize and package audience segments and provide access to its secure programmatic exchange, which will turn a passive collection module into a revenue driving asset.


Don’t leave money on the table!

Today’s Blog

BidWin’s publisher-side exchanges offer a level of transparency not available from mega-exchanges, versions that are optimized for key verticals – content creators and China – and all are built on the latest technologies to deliver high-end efficiency.